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    We offer modern biometric terminals, but as a terminal can be used free mobile application.
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Attendance terminals

The heart of a quality time & attendance system are the terminals available for recording employees access. Customers require flexibility when it comes to their reader devices and that is why we offer a variety of ways for employees to clock in and out.We have free reader android application or PC terminal,,modern biometric terminal which scans fingerprints and recognizes faces. You can even have workers clocked in and out automatically through our GPS Vehicle Tracking Services when they go into and out of geofences which you determine the location.

Biometric readers

  • Facial recognition
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Access cards

SYSDO terminal

  • Simplicity
  • Zero acquisition cost
  • Attendance by PIN code
Attendance terminals

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1 year 5 years

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594 € / month
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