“SYSDO attendance and access system”


  • The “SYSDO attendance and access system” service (hereinafter the “Service”) enables the user to monitor the arrival and departure of persons to and from the area defined by the user and generates a statement of attendance of these persons on the basis of the obtained data. This Service provides company Eurosat CS spol. s r.o. (Ltd.), company registration number  63472210, company tax number CZ63472210, with its registered office at Jamborova 25, Brno, 615 00 (hereinafter „the Service provider“).
  • The user owns the HW unit, by means of which the persons register their arrival and departure.
  • The Service user accesses the data concerning arrival and departure of persons through the web interface using the public internet (hereinafter the “Interface”). It demonstrates its identity when accessing the Interface using the user name and password provided to it by the Service provider on registration.


  • The Service provider undertakes to provide the client a Service consisting of activation of the account on the server (data storage), launch of data transfer between the HW unit and the server (data storage) and provision of authorisation data necessary for working with the interface.
  • The Service provider will exert appropriate efforts to maintain permanent access to the Service, except for planned shutdown.
  • If the user cancels the Service or provision of this Service is suspended due to the user’s failure to meet its obligations, the Service provider is not required to provide access to older data from previous use of the Service to the user.
  • The Service provider is not liable for outages of the Service, which originate as a result of outages of the internet connection or damage to the unit on the part of the Service user.
  • The Service provider undertakes to provide access to the Service interface to the user after payment of the subscription fee. The scope of the interface services made available is specified during purchase of the subscription. The period for which access is provided is given by the duration of the purchased subscription.
  • After expiration of the subscription the user is provided with access to the Service interface for an additional period of 30 days, however, only data obtained up to the subscription expiration date is shown.
  • After purchase of a subscription for an additional period, access to the Service is renewed in the scope of the newly purchased subscription. It is understood that the newly purchased subscription commences running from the day immediately following the date of expiration of the previous subscription, even in cases, when a new subscription was purchased after this date.
  • If the subscription was not extended/purchased within 30 days after expiration of the subscription, it is understood that the user is not interested in the provided service and it may be cancelled.


  • The Service user undertakes to refrain from using any equipment or software, which would lead to disruption of the function of the Service. The user also undertakes to refrain from carrying out any action or using the Service so that it overburdens the Service provider’s infrastructure and/or the Service infrastructure.
  • The Service user is aware that the Service is provided to it under these terms as the end user, and it is not authorised to provide this Service for payment or for free to third parties, without the Service provider’s prior written consent.
  • The Service user changes its access password immediately after it logs-in to the service interface for the first time.
  • By activating the Service the Service user agree with the terms under which the service is provided.
  • The Service user is required to obtain the consent of the persons whose presence is registered by the SYSDO Service, if this is its statutory obligation.


  • The scope of the current offer and price of the Service may be changed or cancelled depending on requirements. Potential price changes and modifications do not apply to subscriptions purchased previously.
  • In the event of any changes, the Service provider is required to inform the customer of these changes in a suitable manner. Information about changes is published at the address www.sysdo.info or www.eurosat.cz.


  • During the provision of the Service the Service Provider processes the following personal data: name, e-mail, telephone number, skype number, attendance and access data, IP address, GPS position of access, photo, hash of fingerprint, hash of face picture.
  • The Service Provider is entitled to process personal data for the keeping records of users attendance.
  • The processing of personal data means the digital storage of such data in the Service provider’s database or the viewing of such data by an authorised person assisting in setting up the system or other similar activity. Personal data is either entered into the system by the subscriber or is obtained from the Interface, attendance reader or a mobile device.
  • The data concerning arrival and departure of persons is transferred using the internet from the HW unit, which is located in a place determined by the user, to the server (data storage) operated by the Service provider, where the data is saved to the database. All data identifying the person entering into the area defined by the user is located on the HW unit, specification of these persons is only presented to the Service provider under the identification chosen by the user.
  • The Service Provider keeps attendance and access data in the database for the period of time set by the user in the Service. The Service Provider keeps all other personal data for the entire time the user’s account is active and deletes them after the user has been deactivated – again after the period of time set by the user in the Service.
  • The Service Provider will not provide personal data without the written consent of the user of the Service, with the exception of cases where it is obliged to do so by law.
  • The Service Provider is not liable for any damage incurred as a result of the user providing authentication data to third parties.
  • Personal data processed by the Service Provider is secured by a multi-level protection system.
  • When processing personal data the Service Provider complies with the applicable regulations – particularly Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • The user may exercise the rights granted to data subjects (the right to access and correct data, to have data deleted, to file an objection, to restrict processing, to portability) or to query any ambiguities by emailing dpo@eurosat.cz.