Access control managment in the building

Access Control is a stand-alone modul of SYSDO attendance system designed to manage access within a building. The basic function of the access control module is control what user at what time intervals can pass through the designated door. Access readers are used to control each door. For more demanding installation we supply control panels designed to control up to 4 doors.

According to the type of reader the door can be open by attaching a card or chip, typing a PIN code or by fingerprint. The great advantage of our access control is its cloud computing solution that makes it easy to configure the entire door environment.

The access control module works independently of the attendance system in SYSDO environment so for the right functioning of the access control there is no need to use the attendance management system.

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The basic Access Control Module is supplied for free version to purchased hardware and no further obligations are made from its use. The basic version of the module includes administration of users, readers and doors. This version of the access control module will meet the basic needs of most companies

There is also an extended version of the access control module, which has the possibility to generate summary reports, browse history approaches and use mobile application.

How does it work?

Users are divided into so-called Access Groups. System allows assign individual access groups a door to which users have a permission within access group and then we can assign a time zone. The time zone specifies exactly what days and hours are the door passable. The system of course also counts on public holidays. This entire administration is part of the free basic version of the access control module.

Each door can have a variety of other settings which may vary depending on the type of access reader used. We can edit the already mentioned permission to pass the door, set the exit button for leaving the secured area and also set the door opening delay and time for what the door will be unlocked after successful authentication.

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If you are already using the attendance system and thinking about the access control module there is no need to worry that you would have to re-enter users into the system. Although the access control module is independent on the attendance system the both modules use the same user database.

IP Camera

IP camera can be added to each door to capture the user’s picture when passing through the door. This image can complement the graphical display of access data same as it is in overview of the attendance part of the system. IP camera also helps in emergencies such as passage through unauthorized doors or forced door opening.


Access control readers

Access readers are devices that identify the user who wants to open the door. User Authentication is based on the type of reader either by attaching an identification card typing a code or fingerprinting.

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Access control terminals

Access control panels are necessary for more demanding installation of access control by SYSDO system. They are designed to control up to four doors. The access readers are used for identification of the user.

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