An access/punch recording created by the electronic logbook MotoMon

What is AutoGPS logbook?

AutoGPS logbook is our oldest and most successful project that has been in operation since 2005. During this time it became one of the most elaborate and the most popular systems for fleet management and electronic log book globally.

How can the logbook be used in attendance system?

One of the most unique functions of MotoMon logbook punching employees in and out by their vehicle entering and leaving an office geofence. Sysdo can respond to a geofence alert by recording the event in SYSDO.

A typical example is a pre-defined geographic area "workplace"would be set for "Entering a geofence" and "Leaving a geofence". The system allows setting the interval and type of access. During different parts of the day record the appropriate type of access ( punching in, lunch break, business trip and going out).

Common usage

This form of virtual terminal is suitable for example to record attendance of professional drivers, or employees who use corporate fleet vehicles on a daily basis.