System is designed and ready for small and medium companies, but there is no limitation for the system to be used in big companies.
The number of readers is not limited.
Readers come to you pre-programmedand after connecting to the internet the reader automatically logs into the system and it’s ready to use.
Number of users is not limited.
Yes, system can be connected to third party accounting software. Some of the more common softwares are ready to go but if you are using some other programs, we will contact the developer of your software and make it ready. Our programmers are experienced in this sort of integration.
Yes, we can deliver autonomous standalone terminal that workthrough cellular data network. If it does not have GSM signal, it works in off-line mode. Buffered data will be downloaded upon reconnecting to network.
Yes, SYSDO system can be used with virtual terminal which runs on employees computers. Its usage can be assigned to any user.
Yes, several variants are pre-set, more can be simply added and edited.
If he/she has a set-up work plan, system checks set range of arrival and in case of mismatch it sends e-mail alert. Then it is up to you, if those errors can be corrected by employee, or authorized person.
Yes, there can be unlimited number of those events. SYSDO has the most common already set-up (arrival, departure, break, business trip, WC, …).
You do not have to back-up anything. SYSDO is a web based application and system runs on our servers which are already running back-up. You do not have to worry about anything.
Yes, SYSDO is based on a cloud system. Wherever you are connected to the Internet, you can log into the system SYSDO.
Yes, everythingdepends on premissions.
Yes, you can try out SYSDO with our demo account. You can also review website, or contact our offices and we will be happy to discuss in detail.
Our attendance system is not collecting biometric data through fingerprint or facial recognition. System as based on mathematical algorithm calculateing own code which is then saved and can be used only in this system. Decoding it back to biometric data is not possible. This code cannot be considered for a biometric data so it is not storing sensitive data.
No it is not because we are not keeping any biometric or personal sensitive data. We save only code that cannot be decoded back to biometric data. This applies to fingerprinting and facial recognition processes. The only exception is use of the photo from reader which is not needed for the system to run. This is just graphical addition used in overview access. Usage of photos can be stopped.